As the dates pass, the fight for the absolute title is intensified and the crews are subjected to greater pressure, you can arrive in Zacatecas along with the classic car caravan to this city that is recognized as a colonial treasure declared a World Heritage Site by its architecture, its urban layout and its irregularity in the alignment of its streets. The beautiful city of pink quarry that encloses magic, tradition and charm.

In addition, it has a wide variety of tourist attractions as it offers historical and cultural sites, ecotourism, religious, bullfighting routes, mezcal route, as well as the festivals and traditions that surround this peculiar destination.

The city “with face of quarry and heart of silver”, is located at the bottom of a ravine formed by several hills: of the Virgin, of Clérigos, of the Grillo, of the Father and of the Bufa, the latter, has become the Emblem of the city.

Its urban design was adapted to the sinuosities of the mountain, creating undulating streets undulating dotted with squares and romantic and charming corners. Many of the streets still have original names that speak of a past that evokes the legends, traditions and trades of antiquity.

Because Zacatecas is one of the best preserved colonial cities of the American Continent, in 1993, the Historic Center of the City was declared by UNESCO “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity”.

We invite you to visit

  • The Historical Center
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Calderón Theater
  • Market Gonzalez Ortega
  • Old San Pedro Bullring
  • Plaza of Santo Domingo
  • Mina el Edén

During the Race

You can witness the speed stage at Cerro de la Bufa, which rises to an altitude of 2,610 meters above sea level. That mountain served as shelter to several tribes of the Zacatecos and in 1914 it was witness of the last battle of the revolutionary troops of Pancho Villa during the Revolution. It is an experience that combines the best landscapes of the city.

La Bufa is one of the classic stages of the modern version of La Carrera Panamericana and represents a road that requires fast speeds and curves that require a lot of technical skill from the drivers to control their cars and achieve the best times.

Transport your mind to the colonial era combining history, culture, entertainment, art and the excitement of living the “Spirit of La Carrera Panamericana” among more than 80 classic cars with professional drivers from more than 10 different nationalities. The best of two worlds in one place.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 12 to 18, 2018

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