La Carrera Panamericana 1950-1954 by Bill Strop co-pilot of John Mason (part 2)

Ray Crawford was driving with thousands and thousands of spectators on the roads of the Pan-American Highway that are forming what I would call a V-movement as they are in a V-shape looking towards the car coming towards them and forming the V when the car It happened because people followed the cars as they passed and on many occasions the media asked him what it felt like to drive among the sea of people who were anxiously waiting for the race and he answered that he only hoped that his windshield wiper would work perfectly because otherwise, possibly There would be a serious accident.

The Pan-American Race really is a legend for those who could live it.

The Pan-American Race finished its old time in 1954, some say that the danger was a factor that determined the cancellation of the competition, but those times and those races had a quality Hemingway – esque that not only challenged the danger but the emotion and the honor made every second worth it.

Politically, the government of Mexico thought it was not a bad event, but the problem was that the country had grown so much using open transport that the closure of the roads by sections for a full day literally stopped the transportation economy that traveled from north to the south and vice versa, the economic impact in this stage of the race became very powerful because it was the trade sector that was most affected by the race, in short the race ended and nobody else could see an equal, a unique dangerous race.

The Pan-American Race really is a legend for those who could live it, either by participating or witnessing.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 12 to 18, 2018

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