1950, the start of "La Panamericana”

It was the year of 1950, when the government of Mexico decided to support the idea of Enrique Martín Moreno to carry out an event of great international importance that crossed the national territory with the aim of spreading tourism and opening business opportunities for investors, in addition to giving visibility to the newly created Pan-American highway that transited the country. This is how the most extensive automotive sporting event in our country originated.

President Miguel Alemán Valdés, a car enthusiast, was delighted with the idea and appointed Antonio Cornejo as Director of the event who would captivate the attention of the motoring community of Mexico and the world. In this way, the first event was paid by the federal government, the state governments, the contractors who built the highway and some elements of the national automotive industry.

Alemán Valdés sponsored two cars in the race. One of them was known as the “Mexico Car” and was driven by Rodolfo Castañeda who overturned the vehicle twice during the second stage eliminating any possibility of victory and finishing in the 25th place. The other car was registered by the University National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of which the president graduated.

On the other hand, the event had the moral support of the community of racing drivers of the United States, among whom was Wilbur Shaw, Director of the Indianapolis Speedway, and Eddie Rickenbacker, pilot aviator of the First World War. Thanks to them and to the promotion that both carried out in the country of the north in favor of the Race, many of the North American competitors decided to attend the automotive competition.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 11 to 17, 2019

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