The fifth Carrera Panamericana (First Stage)

At the tropical dawn 140 cars await the start signal 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! This is how the race counter sounds, the city stretches out of its dreams, and the great race begins, the fastest start first, a car every minute running at 130 km on the clock, then the biggest, the Fords they add up to the exit, after them they leave the great American tourists who wait for their call of exit, some competitors check the route book, stage by stage, kilometer by kilometer to not let escape any detail of the way, this is where Roy leaves Crowford in his fourth attempt to win, after the departure of American tourists, small tourism are ready to run, in the end comes the last category, European tourism, Alfa Romeos smooth and fast in search of victory along with small Volkswagen, now that everyone has started, the tension relaxes, a small dose of adrenaline is released because finally the Pan-American Race has begun, Tuxtla!

Finally the Pan American Race
has begun, Tuxtla see you!

With 300 tortuous kilometers to travel even the cars pass like lightning on the first day of this hot test, a slight skid can mean a great disaster, it can even become death, but that does not stop them, pilots cross the curves carrying his car to the limit of each one, forcing every inch of his car and risking every second his life.

Leaving the curve at 180 km / h the Ferrari de Mcafill overturns where his co-pilot Robinson unfortunately loses his life, some riders walk in the gardens of death to suffer skids that fortunately do not end in catastrophe.

A white Ferrari is in charge of heading this first test, behind a red Ferrari that burns at his heels, chasing him like a dog chases a hungry hare and desire to win.

At the end of the day the pilots and co-drivers who suffer tire damage change the four tires of the car in less than three minutes, but have only one hour to check and repair if necessary any part of the car, after checking and repairing the cars. they lock up and seal themselves overnight, out of reach of anyone, only 127 reached the final of the first stage of the 140 that began in Tuxtla.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 12 to 18, 2018

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