The Fifth Carrera Panamericana (Second Stage)

Oaxaca does not sleep today 500 new kilometers to go, direct from Indianapolis Hoffner enlists, Dicky Tomson the first of the small cars is already ready too, today paints be a great day for Phil Hill that competes with champions and that until now maintains its Small advantage as leader of the competition, Umberto Maglioli awaits the exit indications mounted on his car, concentrated on the road, keeping his eyes firmly on the asphalt.

Oaxaca does not sleep today 500 new kilometers to travel …

It is the most anticipated moment of the day, the initial whistle throws Phil Hill with a hellish start, behind the Umberto Maglioli leaves that followed on the heels of virtually the entire first stage, Hoffner chases them closely, by the formidable route of the mountains, waiting patiently for some error of either of the pilots in one of the 300 curves in the mountains of Oaxaca, everything can happen.

Upon arrival in Atlixco all cars stop for a short break, the arrival of Hoffner takes Maglioli by surprise, while Phil speaks with signs to make himself understood with his mechanics, they all have 30 minutes to repair what they have to repair.

Resuming the race, you can see the Popocatepetl volcano from a distance, a great natural monument that also sets the tone for the arrival of the great capital in Mexico City.

On the anniversary of the 1910 revolution when modern Mexico was born, thousands and thousands of spectators are getting ready to receive the Pan-American cars, Maglioli arrives first, followed by Phil and behind them Hoffner with a record time.
The biggest ovation is for 2 Mexicans who do not give up. Masieri and his co-driver push their Buick for the last 3 kilometers, probably the longest of their lives.
Once the riders reach the finish line they stop 3 kilometers later to record their time of arrival.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 12 to 18, 2018

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