On Friday, June 29, the F4 NACAM Championship took place at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. As part of the event, La Carrera Panamericana was the one that would start a day full of cars, curves, engines and pure fun.

The day began with the right foot with the day, managing to pass the inspection and putting the cars to tip.

The first practice of the day began at 10:30 a.m. With a big day ahead, everything was ready so that the pilots could test general car issues such as tires, engine, suspension, etc. The Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez is a perfect track to put the endurance and power of cars to the limit.

The tires rolled and the engines began to roar …

The tires rolled and the engines began to roar, the cars were on track about half an hour and once practice number 1 was over, the mechanics went to work since they did not have so much time to make the desired changes.

Around 1:30 the engines woke up again and the pilots began to settle in their respective pit, the anxiety of the pilots could be seen as once again would roll to take the curves of this road course.
The Marshall was at the end of the pits attentive to warned of track control to give the green light to the cars. When track control authorized the start, the cars did not wait any longer and accelerated thoroughly to enjoy another practice round before qualifying on Saturday.

The cars returned to the pits and the sun was behind the Forum Sun, you could feel in the environment a sense of joy and fun. The day had ended in a perfect way, full of adrenaline and cars.
Coming to an end and closing with the beautiful Pan-American classics crossing through a Foro Sol and in the background a majestic Palacio de los Deportes, the mechanics were ready to receive the cars and prepare them for a well-deserved rest.

La Carrera Panamericana

October 12 to 18, 2018

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